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Who is 40-Day Publishing? 40-Day Publishing is a service created by Daniel J. Mawhinney and Darlene Shortridge, a Christian couple who are successful writers and self-publishers, and they want to help other Christian writers!

Darlene Shortridge is a bestselling author and a sought after speaker for women’s ministries, retreats, schools, and writer’s groups.

Daniel J. Mawhinney is a the bestselling author, speaker, business owner, trainer, and business consultant and Co-founder of 40 Day Publishing.

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Why pay a publisher big bucks for something you can do for yourself? Learn how.

40-Day Publishing is offering valuable free training on how to publish and promote your book, and pocket your well-earned royalties yourself!! You are invited to participate in their free webinar for a free web class and a free eBook! Select a date, or watch a previous broadcast! Live webinars are limited to 200 participants.

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