“The Symphony of Silence,” by Louis H. Campbell — Book Review

For those who have not read “The Echo of Silence,” It would give too much away to describe why this book is titled “A Symphony of Silence.” This book is the second of a trilogy, describing the married life of the main characters Zeb and Gamine, to whom we are introduced for the first time in “The Echo of Silence.”

The second book continues where the first left off, with Zeb and Gamine as newlyweds. The book describes that period of adjustment to their new life together, and unique life obstacles and social barriers posed by Gamine’s handicaps.

We meet Gamine’s mother in this book—a renown virtuoso. The author’s description of life in that era is rich in detail and designed to put you into their world. Bad characters, good neighbors and endearing heroes that appear along the way give us a sense of humanity’s ubiquitous evils but also of its angels.

The story describes an age when a community was everything, neighbors really helped each other, and doors of opportunity were open to people of good character. Zebulon and Gamine carve out a niche in this world and Gamine gives birth to Zebulon’s child.

This story, with it’s intricate character development, will stay with you as if you knew this married couple within your own circle of friends.

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