Book Review by Nathan Wilbert

I was recently lamenting several trials going on in my life with a friend and he commented that just because you’re going through one trial doesn’t mean God holds everything else at bay.

This story, about a married woman with three children who finds out she has cancer, takes a long, deep look at suffering in various forms. It looks at how we as humans respond to it. It looks at how we respond to other people in the midst of our suffering. It looks at how we respond to God as a result of our suffering.

I admired the character development of the story. Primarily we follow the development of Heather as she learns of her cancer and then struggles to understand what it means and how to live with the knowledge that she will likely die much sooner than she ever thought she would before she had done all that she wanted to do.

The pacing of the story was good with a solid beginning, middle and end. I had a hard time putting the book down for the concluding 50 pages. This is a well-written story that I would recommend to anyone but in particular to those who may be going through difficult trials.

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