This is the portal by which CWB receives nominations for contributors and docents. CWB will reach out to contributors for articles and book reviews. Contributors are highly valued but have no official leadership function within CWB.

Docents do have leadership functions. Docents are regular contributors that also function as editors. Docents approve nominees as contributors of articles and book reviews and they also approve nominees to become docents. Docents are generally considered qualified when they have submitted at least 5 comments, but exceptions may be made. Other qualifications not listed here may apply.

The Body of Docents sets standards and screens content and decides who CWB may associate with. CWB standards are fairly broad with regard to doctrine and church affiliation but will reject literature that is racist, libelous, pornographic, or artistically substandard.

Nominations will be received from any visitor to the website. You may nominate yourself or someone else. To nominate somebody as a Contributor or a Docent, please contact us and be sure to include as much contact information as you can provide—email, cell phone, mailing address. landline and extentions.

Submit your nominations below:

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