Christian Writers Needed! (But What do Christian Writers Need?)

The Changing Publishing Industry

Gone are the days when a gifted but obscure writer could experience the rare success of submitting his manuscript to a publisher, collect a royalty check and consider his job done (or not). It has never been that easy for most writers.

The mainstream publication companies were the old-guard gatekeepers for writers. They were not all bad in their day and they served a purpose. They screened out many mediocre writers and promoted those that deserved recognition. However, some of the best writers in history have been overlooked and rejected by these same gate-keepers over and over.

To publish through the old guard, today it does not matter how good you are as a writer. Publishers will not look at your manuscript beyond the title page unless you are already famous. So how can you possibly get noticed as a writer?

It is Not Merit that Drives the Industry

What is equally as irksome is this; that the vapid and unworthy authors CAN get published if they have become headline news—even if it is by stabbing somebody or by becoming some politician’s lover.

But those that cannot stoop to create the scandal, must find other ways to get noticed because the old guard no concerns itself with artistic merit, but to sales and markability—even if that means catering to the most base aspects of consumer interests.

To overcome this, new writers must be their own promoters. They must take ownership of their own career, and become students of the new market dynamics.

Christian Worldview Books Wants to Help

As CWB ponders the needs of creative Christian writers and the changing markets and methods of publishing. We have tried to identify the single most helpful potential service a website could provide for aspiring Christian writers in the current information age.

While CWB does not want to compete on every level with other Christian writers blogs and online Christian writers resources, we have concluded that CWB’s best single contribution would be a blog-ready platform for new Christian writers that exists specifically for them.

It is not CWB’s aim to be a life-long shepherd of anyone’s writing career. There are better long-term resources for that. CWB simply wants to be a cost-effective launch pad—a beginning place for new Christian Writers, so that they are not forced to complete a course or two just to get started in a new market that is an enigma to many talented writers.

Such training is important, no doubt. But there are some aspects of involvement and exposure that can begin today with the writing skills you already have—start blogging now! Learn the rest as you have the time.

Jump In and Take the First Step

The good news for talented writers is that editors and publishing companies are not needed anymore. It has become a meritocracy in which any worthy writer can find a voice. The old-guard gatekeepers can no longer get in your way. You have found a Blog for Christian Writers. Just dive in and begin commenting on some of the articles here.

Great contributions will eventually get you noticed by the community of writers here, and you can become a docent—a regular contributor to the content of this website. The online community will affirm you, and you will have an interested audience before you publish your next book. It is also a resume-enhancer that could open the door to other Christian writing opportunities.

We obviously can’t guarantee results, because your peers and the marketplace are the new gate-keepers. But your success now stands mostly on your merit as a writer, and that beats what the old guard had to offer. Does it not?

4 thoughts on “Christian Writers Needed! (But What do Christian Writers Need?)”

  1. Everybody deserves to be able to write and publish their Christian stories. The world should recognize that every successful writer once started from the beginning and that the beginners might be one of the most successful writers yet.
    Thanks to you, they may now succeed. How long have you had this going?
    Thank you for making the effort to help new publishers succeed and follow their dream!

  2. As avid promoters and teachers of the self-publishing model, Darlene & I are routinely asked by our students how to best market their book(s). In fact, it is probably the second most-asked question we get; right after “how do I publish my book(s)?”
    One of the best marketing tools in the self-publisher’s toolbox is blogging. Writing a blog, guest-blogging, commenting and contributing are all very effective ways to keep active with your writing as well as gain attention.
    We highly encourage every author out there to jump in, start contributing in one way or another….and keep writing!

    1. Thanks Daniel! I value input from you and Darlene, as you have been doing this a while and have been successful.
      This website will support you in your efforts as an extra platform for whatever you have to contribute — “mi casa, su casa”!!

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