What’s Wrong with the News Industry?

What’s Wrong with the News Industry? (Part One of Seven)

by S. Talmond Brown, copyright © September 3, 2018

This Seven-part series of articles was inspired by the media’s response to Trump’s criticism of the mainstream media, calling them the “Enemy of the people.” Call this perception excessive if you want, but it is a sentiment that is shared by many, many people, today. Why?

Holding out an Olive Branch

The News industry has been called many unflattering things. But this moniker of “Enemy of the People” seems to have hit a nerve.” Perhaps this is a teachable moment, so I am writing to hold out an olive branch on behalf of us “deplorables” who voted for Trump and help left-leaning journalists understand why today’s mainstream media has alienated so many news consumers. I would not go so far as to say something so broad as “The media is the enemy of the people” But it seems obvious to me that corrupt journalists are no less dangerous than corrupt politicians. Although the idea of a free press is essential to a free society, news organizations can become the enemy of the people in some cases.


There has been a “get Trump” movement afoot since before he was elected, and the insults to due process that have been committed in this campaign should disturb anyone concerned with the continuation of a free society. The crimes committed have gone unnoticed by many casual observers whose only knowledge of this case has been filtered by a media that seems profoundly ignorant regarding issues of due process and jurisprudence. The majority of people that hate the media’s running commentary on the Mueller probe are not all Trump-supporters. Many Democrats resent the ignorance-laced efforts of journalists to try Trump in the court of public opinion because they are doing it in a way that undermines due process.

Loving Trump or hating him should make no difference with regard to our zeal for the sacred principles of justice, and there are terrible precedents being set by the prosecutorial misconduct of the Mueller investigative team. It represents a far greater threat to civilized society than anything Trump could have done. It is a scenario that thinking Americans should find alarming regardless of political affiliation. What is even more disturbing are the real crimes that have been exposed to broad daylight, that may never be prosecuted because of political interests. Let the significance of that sink in. In a world where law, due process, and basic civil rights are ignored, the government can become an ominous threat to liberal citizens no less than to conservatives.


A Very Strange Dream

I bought a book titled “The Russia Hoax” by Gregg Jarrett. One night, after reading it, I went to bed, and I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I entered a room to see Hillary Clinton in a pink pants suit holding a smoking gun, and the dead body of lady justice was laying on the floor. Her body was full of bullet holes, and she was laying on a blood-soaked pile of classified documents. Then, along came Comey, Mueller, and Strozk into the room. Then, behind them came a crush of reporters. Comey walked over to Hillary, took the gun out of her hand, and said “Bad Girl! Run along now! We will clean this up!” So Hillary left and Comey said “It seems to me like she did not intend to kill Lady Justice or destroy classified documents. Let’s all leave her alone!” At this, the reporters all nodded their heads like so many bobble-head dolls on the dashboard of an old Ford that just ran over a speed bump in the road. The reporters already in the room then turned to announce to those still standing outside: “nothing else to see here—case closed.” Then they left.

Comey complained, “This is going to make it a little harder to make Hillary President now.” Strozk’s paramour, Lisa Paige, entered the room, having over-heard Comey and asked “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Comey said, “She and Obama could both go to jail if what we have seen here gets out.” Strozk said, “We will stop it!” At this, Strozk bent down, took the scales of justice from the right hand of Lady Justice and gave them to Mueller. Then he tore a strip of cloth from the bloody skirt of lady justice, pulled a dossier from his pocket along with an effigy of Trump stuck full of pins. He spat on the effigy, wrapped it in the dossier, and then he bound it with the cloth to one of the trays of the scale, saying, “Show this to the reporters. Most people will never hear about what we’ve seen here today. We just need a crime we can pin on Trump. That’s our insurance policy.” Then, turning to Comey, Strozk said, “you take the focus off of Hillary, and I promise to sound fair and objective when we find something we can blame on Trump.” Immediately, Mueller and Strozk and some reporters started looking for evidence of a crime committed by Donald Trump.


They looked desperately in every corner of the room. They even looked under the dead body of Lady Justice and the blood-soaked pile of classified documents for evidence of any wrongdoing by Donald Trump. Then they said, “No evidence of a crime here, just a dead body full of bullet holes and a pile of classified documents soaked in blood.” So, finding nothing, they desperately extend their search outside the room, then outside the building. Surely, something can be found against Trump—somewhere. I stood there and wondered what they hoped to find against Trump—a parking ticket? An overdue library book? Such things cannot be tolerated, I suppose.

“But what about Hillary and the smoking gun, and the body of Lady Justice full of bullet holes laying on a pile of blood-soaked classified documents?” I asked. “Oh! That will be water under the bridge by next week,” said Meuller. “Let’s not look backward and politicize this!” “That’s right,” said Strozk, as he dipped his right hand in the blood of Lady Justice and used it to graffiti the wall with “I hate Trump supporters!” Then he told reporters to never utter a disparaging word about Hillary Clinton’s crimes, or the involvement of the numerous other Democrats that were implicated in the murder of Lady Justice and the cover-up. The mission was all about getting Trump now. “Just one little thing missing,” said Strozk “—evidence.” Mueller grinned and said, “No problem, show me the man and I’ll find you the crime—entrapment, perjury, obstruction, witness tampering. Don’t worry! We will set a trap for him, and we will get him on something.” That’s about when I woke up. What could be the meaning to all of this? Is there an interpreter of dreams that can decipher its meaning? This cannot possibly have anything to do with something that is actually happening in Washington right? Right?


Back to Reality

Here is something that is not a dream: The Mueller team’s numerous textbook examples of prosecutorial misconduct and insults to the constitutional due process are a bigger story than anything Trump could have done short of murdering someone in the oval office. Stalinists tactics were used by Mueller and his team to pervert justice. Isn’t that the big story here? It is the story of a massive cover-up that has been exposed to anyone who reads or listens to something besides liberal media. Or how about the even bigger story of a presidential candidate caught committing numerous felonies that have been thoroughly investigated and verified and yet not prosecuted? That’s the story of an obvious 2-teared justice system that is totally incompatible with America’s Constitutional system of justice. These are two stories that are much bigger than Watergate! But those are crimes that implicate Democrats, and for Democrats, the media’s policy is “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Meanwhile, what does the media focus on—they focus on a tedious fishing expedition to uncover something—anything that Trump might have done wrong even though there is still no evidence of wrongdoing. What charge will they will they bring against Trump that people will find unforgivable? Did he end a tweet with a preposition? Did he have 2 scoops of Icecream? This mad hatter’s tea party of grossly inverted values is the most surreal and disturbing thing we have ever seen.

We constitutional conservatives would much rather see the news industry reform itself rather than to see it become the mindless propaganda wing of one party with an ever decreasing audience. Yes, Trump, together with a large portion of the population now calls the media “the enemy of the people.” But that might be might hyperbole. Most people who say this don’t really believe that all the press is the enemy of the people. It’s just an overstatement that reflects a degree of frustration. You would surely get a different answer if you asked conservatives “Is Fox News, or Breitbart News, or the Washington Times, the enemy of the people?” They would surely say “no, they are the voices of reason raging against the night.” This seems to be a teachable moment for the News industry.

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